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Work/Study Program

The Center for Book Arts' Work/Study Program provides students with the opportunity to study tuition-free in exchange for working a pre-set number of hours in the day-to-day operations of The Center. Tasks may include running errands; delivering class schedules; helping with mailings (i.e. stamping, stuffing, sealing envelopes); cleaning and sweeping; clerical duties (such as answering the phone, filing, etc.); gallery sitting; and assisting with special events, such as occasional openings and artist talks. In addition to the above, we try to facilitate students' learning book arts skills by helping out on CBA projects, such as making paste paper, printing letterhead stationery or other letterpress projects and helping out with simple binding projects.

Excluding working during special events, most work is performed only during our regular hours of operation: 10 am to 6 pm- Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. For this reason it might be difficult for applicants with full-time jobs to apply for work/study positions.

A limited number of positions are available each semester. Work hours are usually scheduled over a period of several weeks, although they can be worked off in consecutive full days.

* Work/Study applies to studio rental or tuition only. All material fees must be paid in full before the class or workshop begins.

* At least half the required hours must be completed before the first class meeting;

* The balance of the required hours must be completed within the semester.

* Hours accrued can be applied towards CBA workshops any time within one year they were earned. Hours earned that are older than a year will not be counted. There are no refunds or other compensation given for unused hours.

*If a student drops out of a class, s/he will still be expected to work the number of hours required to enroll in that class. If said student has not earned enough hours to trade for the course tuition, they may opt to pay the balance of course tuition due, based on hours attended and hours worked, in lieu of working towards the balance due.

PLEASE NOTE: Applying for Work/Study does not guarantee a place in any particular class. Only a payment of the full tuition will hold a place in the class. If a class is full when the Work/Study application is received, the student may indicate other classes of interest and work towards enrolling in them as well. It is not unusual for students to work enough hours for three or four classes in a semester.

To apply for Work/Study, fill out this application (PDF file) and return it to The Center. A résumé is helpful but not necessary. Candidates will be notified of their acceptance as soon as possible after the application is received.