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NEW! An Introduction to Arabic Script in Two Parts
The Arabic Script has been used as a vehicle for languages in the broader Islamic world for centuries. Early Muslims developed calligraphy to convey the Qur'an and other meaningful texts and this tradition became the high art of Islamic culture. This art includes a wide variety of styles and applications and is continued up to the present time in its many permutations. This workshop is essentially a drop from an ocean; a glance at an art that could take lifetimes to master. The Arabic alphabet will be introduced, as will traditional tools and a simple alphabet in addition to slides and tales of the great Ottoman master calligraphers.

Elinor Holland Mohamed Zakariya
March 3 - 11 , two weekends, 10am - 4pm

Elinor Holland Mohamed Zakariya ELINOR AISHAH HOLLAND is one of the few Americans to study Islamic calligraphy in the traditional method of the Ottoman Hattat (calligraphers). She is a student of Master Calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya. Although she has not yet received her “ijazet”, or diploma, an achievement requiring many years of study, with the permission of her teacher she has been offering programs introducing Islamic calligraphy to adults and children across the US and Canada. Holland also practices Roman script calligraphy. She likewise teaches and accepts commissions in this art. She is a past board member of the New York Society of Scribes and is an active member of the calligraphy community in New York City. MOHAMED ZAKARIYA has worked with calligraphy since 1961. He gives calligraphy lessons twice a month and presents demonstrations and lectures around the United States on calligraphy, its literature, its masters, and its techniques. The most recent exhibition of his work was at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington, on view from September 21, 2006, through February 17, 2007.