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This site is divided into three main areas:
  • The History of the CBA
    contains information regarding the background and history of the Center, its founder, and board of directors
  • The Art of the Book
    contains information regarding exhibitions, special events, exhibitions, competitions, and book-related reference materials
  • In the Workshop
    contains information regarding the Center's location, class schedule, and registration

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These three areas, as indicated in the above representation, are always accessible from anywhere within the web site. In each of these areas are subdivisions of that are, which take to you pages of information for that specific subdivision. Which ever main area you select jumps to the top and go to full intensity green. Which ever subhead you select highlights in red so you always know where you are.

Additionally there are sub links within certain areas, such as the class schedule, which are also fully navigable and will always take to back to the main page of that division.

When in doubt (which you will hopefully never be) there is always the link to take you home.

Enjoy the web site. And remember to send us any comments or feedback you may have.