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Animals on Wheels

Stephanie  Krause

Letterpress and hand-coloring on Arches, accordion binding
letterpress printing
accordion binding
6 3/8 x 8 in
edition of 120

As a child, I was known for reading everywhere: hanging upside down over benches or chairs, curled up in a corner, laying under the dining room table. That voracious appetite for books shaped my artistic aesthetic. I do not think in single images, but sequentially; I love watching -- and making -- a story unfold. A great joy is creating projects like "Animals on Wheels," a world crammed with detail which cannot be devoured in one sitting. I delight in knowing that on each successive occasion anyone (including myself!) spends time with one of my projects, they will see, understand and appreciate more. Books to me are about sharing: ideas, experience, emotion; they are an ideal arena in which to show people who you are.

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