The Center for Book Arts

2009 Benefit Party & Auction

The Center for Book Arts held its annual Benefit Party & Auction on April 1, 2009. We were pleased to honor the following individuals for their achievements and commitment to furthering the field of Book Arts:

Vincent FitzGerald, Publisher of Artists' Books
Judith Hoffberg (Posthumous), Writer, Collector, and Founder of Umbrella Magazine
Leslie Miller, Printer and Founder of The Grenfell Press
Keith Smith, Book Artist, Educator, and Author
Roberta Waddell, Former Curator of Prints at The New York Public Library

Auction and Raffle

As part of the evening activities we held an auction featuring prints, artists' books, and other works of fine art, as well as a raffle featuring original pop-up artwork.

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      view raffle

All proceeds from the Benefit and Auction directly supported The Center for Book Arts Facilities Improvement Fund and the purchase of a new elevator.

Books, Prints and More

Katie Baldwin
Doug Beube
Booklyn Artist Alliance
Caliban Press
Steven C. Daiber
Evelyn Eller
Takuji Hamanaka
Gloria Helfgott
Wennie Huang
James Janicek
Kumi Korf
Oldrich Kulhanek
Karen Kunc
Catarina Leitão
Nancy Loeber
Barbara Mauriello & Barbara Henry
Scott McCarney
Ivan Monforte
Sarah Plimpton
Rocco Scary
Miriam Schaer
Gaylord Schanilec
Zoë Sheehan-Saldaña
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Karina Skvirsky
Champe Smith
Barbara Takenaga
Judith Turner
Susan Weil
Liz Zanis
F. Ellen Zeifer
and more!

Original Pop-up Artwork

Alice Austin
Carol Barton
Delphi Basilicato
Ana Paula Cordeiro
Dikko Faust, Esther Smith, & Laura Carmelita Bellmont
André Lee
Emily Martin
Maria G. Pisano
Benjamin D. Rinehart
Shawn Sheehy


Auctioneer: Marsha Malinowski, Sotheby’s
Dessert Centerpieces: Cake Alchemy and Woodside Press
Music: Jen Larson and North River
Award Design: Karen Gorst Calligraphy
Floral Centerpieces: Roni Gross
Invitation Design: Amber McMillan
Photography: Star Black

Visionary Planners
Sharon Krieger and Brian Hannon *
Debbie and Michael Held *
Richard Minsky
David S. Rose *
Yvonne and Robert Ruben *

Benefit Co-Chairs
Priscilla Juvelis *
Sarah Plimpton
Idee G. Schoenheimer *

Benefit Committee
Neale Albert *
Anna Lou Ashby
Elinor Balka
Michelle Baker
Virginia Bartow *
Thatcher M. Brown III
Noreen and Kenneth Buckfire
Alfred Caputo
Deborah Phillips Chodoff
Katherine D. Crone
Diane de Vegh
Sharon Dolin *
Kaleta Doolin
Mindell Dubansky
Florence Fearrington
Catherine Fitzmaurice
Peter Funk
Tom Gardiner
Deirdre E. Lawrence *
Ruth Loeber
Lois Lowenstein
David B. Marshall, Jr.
Allen K. Mears
Julie L. Mellby
Susan Mills *
Barbara Mitchell

Jean Wardle and Ray Mortenson
Alan Govenar
Glenn Horowitz
Milan Hughston
Phyllis Lafarge Johnson
Eyleen King
John Koegel *
Mie Kurahara
Sara Parkel *
Deborah Pease
J. Fernando Peña *
David S. Rose *
Peter Rose & Alicia Kershaw
Jae Jennifer Rossman *
Mary Coxe Schlosser
Nina Schneider
Marcia Seller
Irene L. Silverman
Kenneth Soehner
Robbin Ami Silverberg *
Marybeth Sollins
Catherine and David Steinmann
Mark S. Waskow *
Mary K. and John R. Young
F. Ellen Zeifer *
Dorothy Zeifer

* Members of the Board of Directors

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