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NEW! Paper like leather, Bark like thread:Korean Paper Techniques
In this workshop, students will be introduced to various traditional Korean techniques of manipulating handmade paper and bark. Korean paper, known as hanji, is made from the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree, renowned for its long and strong fibers. This makes hanji ideal for an array of applications suitable for book and fiber arts. Students will add water to hanji to learn a felting and collage technique called joomchi, which results in textured paper that can be used in textile work, patterned paper to use in clothing and accessories, and stand-alone display pieces. With joomchi techniques, students will also learn how to make hanji yarn, and using paper mulberry bark, how to make thread and bark lace. The most advanced technique will be jiseung, or paper weaving, which transforms strips of paper into cords that can be twined into all manner of objects, including a custom book cover designed by the artist, which she will demonstrate. Students will leave with an array of hanji and techniques and a greater understanding of the culture from which they came.
Deadline to register: One week before the class starts.

Aimee Lee
February 4 - 5 , Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm

Aimee Lee Aimee Lee is an interdisciplinary artist who works in paper, book, performance, and installation arts. She holds a BA from Oberlin College and MFA from Columbia College. Her post-graduate Fulbright research focused on Korean papermaking and allied crafts, and she built the first American hanji studio at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland, Ohio in 2010. In 2012, her first book, Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking, was published by The Legacy Press. She exhibits internationally and travels as an artist-in-residence and teacher while raising awareness of hanji. For more information, visit

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