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Dyed Parchment
The sensuous nature of parchment is only surpassed by its versatility. The preferred text block for centuries, its uses have expanded to book covers, straps, and even for covering furniture and walls. This luxury item has a history of being dyed indigo blue, brazilwood burgundy or purple, saffron yellow, black and brown. However, being an animal skin, parchment has many special traits that require it to be handled in specific ways. Handled improperly, parchment reverts to its lesser cousin rawhide, losing flexibility and sometimes becoming brittle or drying in an unpredictable sculptural form! During this workshop we will learn to dye parchment using a traditional plant dye and aniline dye. And then, while wet, we will stretch the parchment, restoring its structural integrity. Time permitting, there will be a demonstration of a parchment mounting technique.
Deadline to register: One week before the class starts.

Karen Gorst
April 21 , Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Karen Gorst is a calligrapher, manuscript illuminator and book artist. A student of Hermann Zapf's, in 1999 she was included in the Society of Scribe's exhibit of the 100 most influential lettering artists of the 20th century. Ms. Gorst curated NYPL's Three Faith Scriptorium and has lectured/taught at numerous institutions including The Pierpont Morgan Library and Museum, Penland School of Crafts, The Cloisters and Wellesley College. You can see examples of Ms. Gorst's work and educational podcasts at:

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