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Chris  Perry, 136 Ripple: drain
Paper, fabric and gel acetate; 12 x 23.5 x 9.25  (2013)     $1600  

Beatrice  Coron, Graines d'Ananar on the Rock
cut cotton paper, seeds; ed 4 of 25; 18 x 7 x .5  (2013)     $1200  

Karen  Kunc, Incessant White Noise
 (2013)     $700  

Thomas Parker Williams, Rhythm Grid
ed. 5 of 25; reduction linocut prints with "L" type wire binding; booklet with musical score, panel legends, and music CD  (2013)     $400  

Ana  Cordeiro, Pathern
arches paper, wire, letterpress, RC photographs; 8 x 8  (2013)     $350  

Jason  Lujan, Study for Oriental (sketchbook version)
ed. 1 of 1; flashe on paper; 11 x 14 / two pages  (2013)     $200  

Frans  Baake, Aqq.
ed. of 175; linocut on velvet (cover; hardback), inside printing in off-set; 16.8 x 5.8 x .4 / 24 pages  (2013)     $90  

Kun Young  Chang, de
ed. 11 of 39; letterpress printed on Mohawk paper, perfect binding; 1.75 x 4.75 x .4 / 50 pages  (2013)     $50  

Matthew Scott Gualco, I Just Want to Title All of Cindy Sherman's Untitled
4 x 7 / 28 pages  (2013)     $25  

Barbara  Henry, Walt Whitman’s Faces
linocut, letterpress, printed by Harsimus Press; 7 1/2 x 10 7/8  (2012)     $600  

Barbara  Henry, A Typographical Romance / Mad Types
Letterpress & linoleum printing; set of 2 pamphlets; 11.5 x 6.25  (2012)     $400  

Ewa Monika Zebrowski, Finding Wyeth
edition of 20; digital inkjet print, images printed on Asuka Natural 24 grams; 6 x 6.5 x .25 / 55 pages  (2011)     $1200  

Robbin Ami Silverberg, Self Scrutiny
ed. 9 of 20; glass mirror, archival inkjet & typewritten text and images, Dobbin Mill papers made from cotton  (2011)     $950  

Heidi  Neilson, Atlas Dream Sequence
edition of 25; inkjet printed, drumleaf case bound by hand; 11.125 x 5.75 x 1 / 36 pages  (2011)     $450  

Aurora  De Armendi, The Lord took 10,000 of my Sheep
Author: Yemi Cellaigh; 7.2 x 11, 20 pages
ed. of 22; Soft Cover Long Stitch Book printed on Mohawk text weight paper with hand set Gill Sans Type Author: Yemi Cellaigh; 7.2 x 11, 20 pages  (2009)     $75  

Miriam  Schaer, Rules of Engagement
 (2008)     $40  

Roni  Mocan, Handwriting Practice - A New Learning Tool for the Children of Today
Pamphlet book printed on white paper, staple fold binding; 7 x 8 1/2 inches  (2008)     $10  

Nicolás Dumit Estévez, For Art's Sake
For Art's Sake is a devotional guide printed and bound at the Center in an edition of one hundred. Concept, text, and illustrations by Nicolas Dumit Estevez. Page layout and letterpress printing by Amber McMillan. Text, handset Scotch Roman type, and illustrations, polymer plates, printed on Arches paper hand painted by CBA interns from a design by Ana Cordeiro. Pages bound with cotton velvet covers. Structure design and bookbinding supervision by Ana Cordeiro, based on a historical model taught by Pamela Spitzmueller. Aesthetic Credential letterpress printed and designed by Amber McMillan and Nicolas Dumit Estevez. Handset Scotch Roman type and polymer plates on handcut Fabriano Elle Erre paper.  (2006) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $1500  
Member Price  (2006) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $1250  

Celebrating Artist Members: 30th Anniversary Broadside Portfolio
Organized by Roni Gross, Artist Member. This special limited edition portfolio features the work of the artist members of The Center for Book Arts. Each participating artist submitted a broadside in an edition of 100. The theme of the project is the celebration of the contributions of the artist members, past and present, to the growth of the Center and the field of book arts over the past 30 years. Includes the catalogue, which opens to a poster where each of the 58 broadsides is illustrated. It also includes an essay by Nina Schneider and a curatorial statement by Roni Gross. Nancy Loeber, Barbara Mauriello, Benjamin Rinehart, and Peter Schell each designed a unique portfolio (edition of 25 each) to house the editions.  (2005) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $1500  
Member Price  (2005) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $1250  

Robert  Bringhurst, New World Suite Number Three a poem in four movements for three voices
Limited Edition Artist book
This innovative interdisciplinary work intersects at the pinnacle of creative writing, graphic design, book art, and performance. This is a poem for three voices, meant to be read by three people at once. In addition to the poem, the author has written an afterword articulating the evolution of his polyphonic poetry, documenting for the reader a history of this definitive edition. It is made to be performed, and his essay concludes, "The printed text should be as fine as it can be, but it should never be the final incarnation. A book must be a place where things begin."
The text was letterpress printed at the Center's Jane Meade Timken Printshop. Our Master Printer, Barbara Henry, came to the Center after managing the Bowne & Co. letterpress facility at the South Street Seaport Museum for 20 years. The display type was set by hand, and the text was printed in Monotype Dante, with composition by the Bixler Foundry in Skaneateles, NY. Each line was then hand wordspaced and hand linespaced at the Center by Ms. Henry to Robert Bringhurst's exacting specifications. Mr. Bringhurst has created the typographic design for the book, as well as the text.
The edition is 75 numbered copies inclusive of five Artist Proofs produced. There are only 25 copies for sale by the Center.
Hedi Kyle designed this innovative binding structure specifically for New World Suite Number Three. Each volume within the book forms its own lectern when it opens. The page size is 8" x 12". When closed, the book has a stunning architectural presence, and is 17" x 17" x 3". It was produced at the Center for Book Arts under the supervision of our Master Binder, Mirah von Wicht, who studied traditional bookbinding in Germany, book conservation in the USA, and worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and by artists Ana Cordeiro, Nancy Loeber and Laurel Parker.  (2004) Available through Oak Knoll Press.

Andrew  Atkinson, Street Life in London Redeemed
Published in a limited edition of 50, each signed and numbered by the artist. Street Life in London, by John Thomson, photographer, and Adolph Smith, writer, is the basis of the Street Life in London Redeemed. The original was published in 1878 and was a major publication that used the Woodburytype process. Andrew Atkinson was the 2003 Sally R. Bishop Resident.  (2003) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $250  
Member Price  (2003) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $200  

Emily  Martin, Mutually Exclusive
Printed and bound at The Center in a limited edition of 50. It is a set of five books and a wrap around bookcase, which reflects the slipperiness of forging a personal philosophy. Using the magic wallet structure, the book panels flip back and forth using two opposing statements. Each of the texts has three layers: three basic statements, an underlying stream-of-consciousness narration and ten sets from the Pythagorean tables of opposites. Emily Martin was the 2002 Sally R. Bishop Resident.  (2002)

Mare  Blocker, Istoriato
Produced at the Center for Book Arts, during her Sally R. Bishop residency, Mare Blocker explores how the design of Maiolica pottery changed with the invention of the printing press. Multiple color lineleum blocks and type printed on Magnani Pescia. Round shaped, case bound concertina, with printed Iris cloth on both the book covers and lidded clamshell box. Each boxed set also includes a unique plate glazed in the style of Maiolica pottery. (11 x 11)  (2001) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $1250  
Member Price  (2001) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $1000  

Benjamin D. Rinehart, Ticket Licket
Comprised of six reductive woodcut images, encased in a printed bound portfolio. Ticket Licket focuses on the single life of the artist as a gay male. The raffle ticket reflects the element of chance. Ben Rinehart specializes in multimedia images with a strong focus on printmaking and book constructions. His socially charged work has been shown throughout the US.  (2001) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $750  
Member Price  (2001) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $600  

Mikhail  Magaril, The Diary of a Madman
By Nikolai Gogol and translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett and illustrated by Mikhail Magaril, each copy of the edition of 100 was hand-lettered and bound by Gogol. Drypoint plates by Mikhail Magaril were printed by Kathy Caraccio & Sana Fadel at Kathy Caraccio Studio. The typography was planned by Misha Beletsky. Summer Garden Editions, New York, 1998.  (1998) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $2000  

Alphonso  Ossorio, Recovery: The Hospital Drawings of Alfonso Ossario
Designed by Richard Minsky. Texts by Rose Slivka, Dr. Lewis Thomas and B.H. Friedman. Each print is authenticated in the margin with the seal of the Ossario Foundation. First Edition of 100. Letterpress printed at the Center for Book Arts, 1995.  (1995) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $3500  
Member Price  (1995) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $3000  

Stephanie  Krause, Animals on Wheels
Written and illustrated by Stephanie L. Krause. This edition of 100 was letterpress-printed on Arches 140-pound Satinee and hand-colored at The Center for Book Arts, 1995.  (1995) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $500  
Member Price  (1995) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $400  

Joyce Cutler Shaw, Three Cages
Images and Text by Joyce Cutler Shaw. Paper Engineering by Allwyn Bookbinder. The text is typeset in the Alphabet of Bones, an original calligraphy based on the hollow bones of birds, and in Malibu italic. The paper is 100% cotton fiber Clearprint. Edition is limited to 250 signed copies. Center for Book Arts, 1993.  (1993) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $250  
Member Price  (1993) Available through Oak Knoll Press.     $200  

Mikhail  Magaril, The Diary of a Madman
Available through Oak Knoll Press.

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