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2011 Annual Fund

The Center for Book Arts is unique among arts organizations in New York.  We are a studio, an exhibition space, a venue for readings and talks, and a classroom, all in one.  Artists, printers, binders, writers, students, and all those who love book arts come to the Center to participate in a vibrant community based on a shared purpose and passion.  Founded by an artist and nurtured by volunteers throughout its 37-year history, the Center for Book Arts is the product of countless individuals’ efforts and ideas.  These individuals have volunteered to print posters, clean and maintain our studios, install exhibitions, and staff events—with no motivation other than the joy of contributing to a space that serves us all.  The process of turning an artist-run space on Bleecker Street into the internationally known nonprofit it is today has been a labor of love. 

If you have visited any of our exhibitions, taken one of our courses, attended an event, or become a member, you are part of this history.  Your presence and involvement have helped the make the Center for Book Arts a lively, inspiring environment.  You understand, like we do, that an organization thrives in an atmosphere of generosity and enthusiasm, and that the commitment of our supporters and volunteers is what enables us to continue presenting our excellent programs.   

Each fall, we ask our members, supporters, and friends to make a donation, separate or in addition to a membership gift, to support general operating costs through our Annual Fund.  Donations to the Annual Fund help us pay for some of our everyday needs, like utilities, office supplies, and equipment maintenance—everything that makes our courses, exhibitions, and public programs possible.  

Your support will make a huge difference.  By helping us reach our Annual Fund goal of $75,000, you—like so many others who have given their time, energy, and money to help the Center for Book Arts grow and thrive—are contributing to the rich legacy created by the artists, writers, and other book lovers who have worked with us over the years.  You may also contribute below, mail us a check, or call 212-481-0295 to pay by credit card.  Donors of $100 or more will receive a special gift from the Center’s letterpress printshop.

We truly appreciate anything you are able to give.

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2011 Annual Fund
The Center for Book Arts
28 West 27th Street
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