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    Julie  de Bastion
The Gypsy Princess
15 hand made bound copies, 11 colour plates, original illustrations, story/text/poems by Julie de Bastion
9" x 13"
36 pages The gypsy princess is a modern day fairytale. Written and illustrated by artist Julie de Bastion, the story is about a young girl who lives in a wood with her two ravens as her companions and weaves tapestries which illuminate the longings of the heart. She sings as she works, collects wild flowers for her threads and colours, and works to the sounds and rhythms of nature. As in all fairy tales, her life is interrupted by events which unfold, and slowly one realises that the illustrations themselves are the tapestries in which she is the subject. . . . Also, as in fairy tales, the story is cyclical and there is a natural cause and effect of one’s choices in life. . . . The artist Julie de Bastion has worked for over a year on the original 11 colour illustrations for the story, collaged from wallpaper samples, they are each approximately 40" h x 30" w while the book is 13" h x 10" w and each one has been made individually so the covers vary in pattern and colour. . . . There are only about 12 copies of the book.Available to order from Julie de Bastion

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