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Emily Martin
Naughty Dog Press
Iowa City, IA
MFA, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Sleepers, Dreamers & Screamers
letterpress and assorted papers
9 1/2 x 7 in.


My Twelve Steps
6 x 6 in.


My work most often is with book forms. I have an ongoing interest in the artist’s book as a container of content but also as a sculptural object. I like the complexity that working with books allows, the materials, the forms, the content all working together. I am interested in the relationship between the viewer and the book. A book to be viewed fully must be handled. This makes for a more connected even intimate, type of viewing. I draw from my own life, what I read, experience, remember, dream and also make up, is used to develop the content of my books. I want a communication from the book to the viewer, a communication sometimes clear, sometimes ambiguous or subject to interpretation. This is another aspect of the relationship of the book to the viewer. I use a variety of materials and methods to make my books, which are presented in editions of 10-100 copies. Working in multiples allows the books to be more widely distributed.

Emily Martin's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts
Fun & Games (and Such…)
 Organized by Alexander Campos, CBA’s Executive Director and Julie Chen, Artist
The Felxagon Series
(2007) Letterpress (15/100)
Celebrating Artist Members: 30th Anniversary Members Exhibition
 Organized by Roni Gross, Artist.
(2005) Letterpress on Text Wove
30 Years of Innovation: A Survey of Exhibition History at The Center for Book Arts, 1974-2004
 Organized by Jae Jennifer Rossman, Special Collections Librarian, Arts Library, Yale University.
Family Game, The
(2003) Family Game, The
2004 Artist Member Juried Exhibition
 juried by Mindell Dubansky & Milan Hughston
Family Game, The
(2003) Family Game, The
2003 Instructors' Exhibition
Fly Away
(2003) Inkjet & pouchoir; sakamoto paper; Japanese accordion variation
Letterpress Showcase
Does Any of The Look Familiar?
(2002) Flax paper, hamp flax paper, hand set type, polymer plates and other relief printing
The Illustrated Book
 an exhibition of artits' books that emphasize the power of image to convey ideas.
House Detective, The
Photocopies of etchings on Sakamoto paper

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