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Susan Mills
New York, NY

Susan Mills's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts
Fun & Games (and Such)
 Organized by Alexander Campos, CBAs Executive Director and Julie Chen, Artist
X/O Box
(2008) Artist bookwork
(un)Contained Vessels
 Artist Members Annual Exhibition, Co-organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director, The Center for Book Arts, and Pamela Spitzmueller, Book Artist and James W. Needham Chief Conservator for Special Collections, The Harvard University Library and the College Library
Single Quire Laptop
(2007) Recycled plastic bags, hand-dyed thread; hand-dyed recycled wool
2003 Instructors' Exhibition
Green Notebook
(2003) Japanese Momi
Pink Notebook
(2003) Japanese Momi
Red Notebook
(2003) Japanese Momi
Washi in American Artist's Books
10 Finger Wrap Codices
(2003) handmade Bicchu Torinoko gampi, plant dye
(2002) Collaboration with seven Canadian artists: Joanne Briston, Pagmar Dahle, Karilee Fuglem, April Hickox, Candace Savage, Sheila Spence. Paper, thread
Forearm Wrap Codex
(2003) Tania Kozo with red clay
Tableland (arteries and veins)
(2003) Tosa Konchi indigo dyed gampi, thread
Travel Books
 the 1987 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Florida Diary
(1985) Unbound. Painting, collage and handsewn ties, text on plastic pages in terrycloth cover.

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