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Alice Simpson

Simpson, a tango aficionado, burst on to the book art scene in 1992 with her colorful and romantic homage to ballroom and a stylized and unique voice Bringing a lifetime of experience drawing and painting the figure, the hand painted artist books like DIRTY DANCING, SWING and TANGO BAR dance to their own distinctive beat

After more than a dozen years creating one of a kind Artist Books, in 2002, Simpson literally dreamed of working in clay and awoke to that new direction, sculpting dancers and a series of funky Folk Artworks from the HIP HOP scene She has redefined rapsters with their idiosyncratic manners, costumes and gestures into personifications of the Greek myth and archetypes for the Gods and Goddesses

As the antithesis to a career spent catering to fashion and cosmetic clientele, Simpson's recent works, both books and clay, lead her to pursue themes such as ABUNDANT BEAUTY, a 2006 series of clay portraits inspired by Circus Fat Lady memorabilia She searches for something darker, less conventional -- even outrageous, by questioning ideas of acceptable beauty

Alice Simpson's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts

Black/White [and Read]
 Organized by Gloria Helfgott, Artist and Independent Curator
One for the Book
(2005) Offset printed Monadnock silk paper, accordian binding in origami enclosure, with DVD
This day in history . . .
 the 1995 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Marc Ballroom, The

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