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Evelyn Yee

Wedding Wishes
Water color wash, ink and collage
41/2" X 91/2"


Dancing Spiro
cut paper
6" X 3"


Evelyn Yee holds a Pratt Institute Masterís degree in Art Therapy and BFA in Book Arts. Licensed as a New York City elementary school teacher, and as a New York State Creative Art Therapist, Registered and Board Certified with the American Art Therapy Association. She facilitated book making as an elementary school teacher and art consultant. She taught students to create relief printed images from the rubber of car tires, write a group story from these images, and assemble images and words into books for each class member. As an art therapist/case planner in a hospital and social work environment, Evelyn combined book making with art therapy. The use of different book making techniques and many mediums helped clients build confidence, as well as expressing feelings and setting goals. Book art is versatile and powerful because of the various structures,many available mediums that can be used to tell a story that can be private or shared with others.

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