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Diana M. Carulli
New York, New York

Homage a la Bourgeoise
Book: antique photo album with 50 mounted photographs all 8"x10"; includes in an inner pocket of the album a CD of a movie clip (tangerine sequence) with Louise Bourgeois from film, "The Spider the Mistress and the Tangerine".
Box: linen covered board embellished with photo cut-out
13" x 13" x 3"


Homage a la Bourgeoise (spread)
Photographic print of artist's father in India in 1928, along with tangerine figures, and an artifact inherited from the Yucatan. All of the photographs included in this book were taken by Diana M. Carulli with the exception of the portrait of her father.
13" x 13" x 3"


The images selected for this album I inherited, are inspired by the film, "LOUISE BOURGEOIS: THE SPIDER, THE MISTRESS, AND THE TANGERINE." In the film, the artist weeps while recounting a disturbing memory from her childhood involving the way her father cut tangerines. The story reminds me of the pride my father took in cutting fruit. I set about cutting tangerines the way Louise demonstrates. I place the resulting figures with objects that speak to me of my bourgeois tendencies and further confront them through photography and sculpture.

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