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Frank Pulaski
Hancock, MI

Book Montage
Altered books
8.5" x 5"


Caught Up Short
Book collage
8.5" x 10


Nothing can stop the ascendancy of Mass-Mind except the criminal mind. Since the advent of Mass-Media, individuality is nothing more than a market driven illusion. Conservatives and liberals exist together in a "symbiosis of absurdity," like two sides of a single coin, one side needing the other side to support its illusions of differentiation, when in fact both sides, right and left, are a single, unified organism, a dialectic of positive and negative energies. And the only exception to this is the criminal mind. In the past, this opinion was shared by French New Wave filmmakers and demonstrated in such films as Jean-Pierre Melvill's Bob Le Flambeur; Jules Dassin's Rfifi; and Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless. The criminal mind can serve a critical, discriminating function, a function that enables an individual to escape the "symbiosis of absurdity" point out above, a function that can open the human spirit to critical self examination. The criminal mind exists on the periphery. It observes the events of life from the outside looking in. It is not a platform that supports illusions, collective or personal, and it especially avoids politics and self-righteous gestures that masquerade as art. In my book art novel, The Three Books of Gangster, the protagonist assists in orchestrating the death of the Enlightenment, and in the seven Books of the Dead, the art world is comically mocked. Both works never stray far from two basic assumptions: That only the criminal mind can escape Mass-Mind, and that in this world individuality is dead on arrival and is the main self-deception, collective illusion, of Mass-Mind, evidenced in the annals of Facebook and Twitter.

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