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Jill Hubley
Brooklyn, NY
b. 1981

By stripping a situation to its parts and objects to their pieces, I hope to examine commonalities among physical patterns and to evoke a reflection of the everyday. By taking things apart and reducing them to layers, I try to find the stirrings of life underneath or between the planes. Using anatomical drawings and biological diagrams as entry points to my art helps guide an exploration of these pattern languages. I look to insert humanity into staid mechanics, and impose questions of intent on diagrams' neat expressions of form. I also look to use abstraction as a means of imposing confusion on delineated narratives, so that meaning might mirror an unspoken chaos of shared but inner turmoil. I feel a pull to measure the rhythm of life by highlighting its murkiness and portraying the nexus of existence in ways and shapes that evoke more questions but help provide a space for mystification to relax into beauty.

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