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Stephanie Later
New York, NY

Bright is the Ring of Words
Mixed media octagon book in the round
8" x 13" x 13"


Stephanie's books are inspired by content as well as form. She spends infinite hours meticulously researching material before proceeding with a new project. None the less, she says the books inevitably take control over her, the artist, and move into a dimension of their own. "I have rarely completed a book as I had originally conceived it." Stephanie has an insatiable curiosity and a need for exploration. "An artist's book should not need explanation. It's purpose should be to evoke one's imagination through the use of text, shape, illustration, and decoration." Her illustrated books, decorative boxes, journals and albums have been commissioned by collectors in the United States, Canada and Europe. Her work appears in "Handmade books and Cards" by Jean Kropper and "Making Memory Books" by Kristina Feliciano. "Bookbinding/book arts is the all encompassing medium for an artist. It affords infinite opportunity for exploration and discovery, all within the creative process and without restrictions and boundaries. It incorporates all elements of defining and communicating the artist's message: text, graphics, illustration, calligraphy and craft. I cannot imagine a better medium to express all my ideas and utilizes all my talents."

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