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Janet Braun-Reinitz
Brooklyn, NY

DANGEROUS DOCUMENTS: 2008 - 2010 73 BOOKS, FILM SCRIPTS, COURT PROCEEDINGS & GOVERNMENT PAPERS As Oscar Wilde so famously said, “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Dangerous Documents is a group of 73 objects, representing individual books, film scripts, court proceedings and government publications that together represent complex visions about the fragile nature of our existence framed through a "dangerous" lens. Using an actual - but not the particular - book as an armature, each is completely closed, wrapped in rope, string, yarn or raffia and then painted. Many have wood or metal elements, often rusted, embedded in the surface. Each has been created to stand alone as an art object without reference to its individual title. However, viewers have access to a title list if they want to explore the ironic, sinister or sometimes wry implications of the specific reference. Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television/ George Carlin is bound in many layers of string studded with fat nails heads while Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book incorporates a wooden knob, perhaps to help facilitate the title’s suggestion. One, the endangered Bill of Rights, is represented twice in both pocket and large print editions. Each book represents one of a family of documents that taken together over time express ideas - often condemned as subversive - that have profoundly shaped my life in large and small ways and radically changed the world in which we live.

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