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Don Myhre
Kirkland, WA

Apex Reflex
Mixed media (wood, fiberboard, fasteners)
5" x 4 1/4" x 1"


Apex Reflex (open)
Mixed media (wood, fiberboard, fasteners)
5" x 7" x 2"


I make mixed media constructions by combining, arraigning and connecting various elements. The elements might be wood, metal, plastic or found objects - both natural and manufactured. The resulting works reflect my interest in concepts of reality and perception. My conceptual concerns are balanced by attention to design, selection of materials and craftsmanship. Since making my first artist's book in 1985, most of my work has revolved around the book form. This form brings with it historical and metaphorical connotations as well as physical and tactile qualities. Equally important are the aspects of sequence, progression and surprise. Think of my books as hand-held, hinged sculptures. My constructions reflect my thoughts and feelings as well as broader ideas. Besides the form of and imagery in a piece, the craftsmanship and materials also contribute to its content and meaning. While the content and meaning may be personal or obscure, my hope is that viewers will - through contemplation and reflection - discover thier own interpretation and understanding of the work. My undergraduate degree is in drama. In graduate school I studied architecture and received my MFA in filmmaking. Before concentrating on personal work I taught art, photography and filmmaking.

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