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Janis Nedela
North Fremantle, Australia

Typo No.15
Diptych. Etched acrylic
21 x 14 x 3cm


Parallel Intervals
Torn pages of a hard covered book, wood ,collage
34.5 x 54.5cm


For twenty-five years text has been central to Jánis Nedéla’s work. Whether using collage, installation, painting, performance or animation, it is the book as object + the manipulation of text which constantly inform his work. Social, literary, philosophical + political documents, tomes + book pages, some old + some aesthetically exquisite in themselves, have succumbed to a range of manipulations + interventions calculated to conspire a kind of linguisitic + artistic subterfuge. (Words are sometimes permanently concealed or reconstituted. The jackets, cut, even scorched + modified to accommodate implements such as taps, hooks + saws. The book has also been enchained, wrapped or rendered unopenable + unreadable.) The artist has also introduced two new series of work that reference the pages of an open book -Typo + Palindrome. In these works he has etched lines + sometimes painted the acrylic to configure the structure of the open book pages, each pair eluding to text on the printed page, while others playfully adopt palindromes to tease the viewer.

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