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Susan Roma
Cliffwood, NJ

My Good Fortunes
Etching & Aquatint, Silkscreen, Mixed Media, Digital. unique book, edition of 25, exterior etching & aquatint on Rives BFK, handle is coated copper wire with white bone hairpipe bead, interior silkscreen with acrylic ink, paper sculptured fortune cookies with tags laser printed on archival text and cover papers, PVA glue, enclosed pamphlet is laser printed on archival text paper.


Reflections on Motherhood
Silkscreen, Etching & Aquatint, Digital. accordian book (variation of a flag book), edition of 30, silkscreen images/graphics/text on Rives Heavyweight with acrylic ink, etching & aquatint imagery on Rives Heavyweight; internal pockets lined with Rives Lightweight, enclosed letters printed with Standard Digital Duplicator on archival text paper, hand painted end papers and book jacket cover with acrylic paint, Eterno binders board, PVA glue, cloth designed book covers are silkscreened.
9.75" x 8.25"


I am drawn to the diverse elements found within the creation of the artist books. Pages become a place to describe imagery accompanied with text, a narrative, or poetry. Expressive visions arise from exploration of emotions and senses that encompass the expanses of one’s mind and heart. The book design may be constructed from a two-dimensional or a three-dimensional viewpoint and have a very unique styling. Each component allows my skills in etching, silkscreen, painting, paper and digital arts to interplay among the pages to define my personal visions. Within the framework of a book – content, form, and structure – my thoughts and ideas develop into a harmonious and coherent entity. My current works express reflective responses to personal experiences encountered from the past. These past events are narrated through thoughtful combinations of image, metaphor, and symbols. These long ago impressions remain as visual imagery and become the faint records of events stored in memory. My reflections give personal meaning to my art and are developed as expressive visions that portray these relating observations. Memories generate the structural content that share same factors or recall similar experiences that may identify with the viewer. Recently my books have been added to the book arts collection at The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

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