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Vivian O'Shaughnessy

Crayons, pastels and graphite on paper
Performance at the Cell Theater, Chelsea, NY
18" x 24"


Sainte Viv Sulpice
Crayons, pastels and graphite on paper
Self portrait illustrating her poetry "Funky Sonnet" and cover for forthcoming handmade poetry book
18" x 24"


I experience a sensual relationship with the blank paper, canvas or cloth as my quick hand glides graphite, charcoal, colored or china marking pencil, soft or oil stick pastel or bamboo pen and India ink to a surface.
The images are high-keyed fragments of today's world. Overlays give depth to the indelibly powerful versus delicate emotional lines; faces are sweet; subjects are sexy; an eggshell quality is given to pastel.
My marks are a representation of our society from a dialogue within.

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