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Barbara Milman
Red Parrot Press
San Francisco, CA

Linocuts, collaged paper
21"x30" (closed); 21" x 90" (open & flat)


Coral Ghosts
Limited edition (12) digital book with box case


Barbara Milman is a book and print artist. The techniques used in the prints and the books overlap, with images and techniques from one medium being transposed into the other. Both the books and the prints usually start as linocuts.

Some books are made entirely from linocuts. In others digital or other elements (such as hand stamped type or collage) are added. Sometimes the original linocut prints are scanned and then incorporated into digital images, ending up with a totally digital, handmade, limited edition book.

Most of her artist books deal with social issues, such as global warming. For example, she has made several books about the potentially disastrous effects of ocean warming and acidification on coral reefs.

Barbara Milman’s handmade artist books can be found in the special collections of dozens of university libraries and museums, such as Stanford, Yale, the Getty Museum, the Chicago Art Institute, the Cleveland Art Institute, and most of the University of California campuses.

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