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Robin Ross
Brooklyn, NY

Altered and Unique Books

Book as object and art allows me to enhance what already exists. Iím playful and serious when using serendipity and precision in cutting, manipulating, collaging and painting. Often the old paper and the description of knowledge and poetry inspire what I paint; inversely what I paint may evoke writing from me.

Old and unwanted books are given new life. Previous words and images peek through or are covered with layers of paint. Each original page is inclusive to what I am painting. It contains a time forgotten below the surface of the present story I put upon it - each embellishment places history upon history. The changing nature of the paper and print underneath the actual oil paint is part of the character of each book.

I also transform some of my own large oil paintings into books. Using similar techniques of history and manipulation, I work on pieces of cut canvas from an older larger painting which are then bound together into a book format. The narrative story of the original painting becomes overlaid with more narrative as I add words and paint to add further literal description. In all my work, I hope to expose dreamtime as reality.

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