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Joyce Ellen Weinstein
Milford, PA

In general my work finds the inspiration through the personal and emotional and concerns itself with the understanding of human relationships. The work speaks of the human condition.

In these specific works I am presenting the interplay of images, Xerox copies, found objects etc. along with abstract forms color and drawing. They are about memory, and how memory plays tricks with our "reality", reflecting on the illusiveness of experiences, impressions, and images - the malleable truth.

The works imply the different levels of history, memory and perceptions. For example the writing in "Reflections on War" is a description of history. Written right side up, and then superimposed upside down, the words become illegible, not understandable in a concrete way. Like living history there is no absolute. The work offers only hints of what was, and what is to be, leaving the viewer to interpret the reality expressed in the art, as one does in reflection of ones own life. The objects become mysterious and enigmatic, as if they were artifacts from another time and place. The block prints are illustrations and/or portraits of people concerned with this history.

In "The Forest" includes an original poem. The images of trees on acetate are a simulation of walking through the forest. Like the above work it implies levels of history, memory and perception.

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