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Patricia Ward
Maynard, MA

I Dreamt I Was Sleeping
(open view with casing)

Accordion/tunnel book. Paper, acrylic paint.

From the Insomnia collection.
2.375" x 0.5" x 0.125"


Don't Go Out
(open view)

Accordion book. Book board, ink, c.306 novel shreds.

From Re/Vision, an installation composed of book-objects made from the shredded pieces of a rejected novel.
2.25" x 3" x 0.5"


I come to the book arts after years of writing fiction. The miniature book-objects I make are the very opposite of the huge novels I was producing in my writing career, and I have come to recognize this as an instinctive effort to distill expression to something more pure. The themes that permeate my writing, of the impact of growing up in wartime, the trials of emigration and the struggle to identify with place, and the battle with profound depression and constant quest for meaning in the face of mortality, manifest now as three-dimensional artifacts of personal memory and experience. I try to work quickly, so as not to lose the essence of the memory or idea. I use whatever materials take my fancy, from pieces of cardboard to the finest handmade papers, from collections of old photographs to childhood journals and writings. The process of making these objects is intensely personal, and sharing them is an intimate act, like revealing fragments of a diary. They are not meant to be displayed behind glass but touched and examined, conduits for immediate and pure communion.

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