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Jane Schauer
Canberra, Australia

I use a holistic approach to book creation - I produce my own books (including sometimes making the paper), and I also write their text and do their illustration. I produce books in a number of different formats - hand made books, normal published books and also e-books. I have my own small publishing company and some of my books can be viewed on my website (
I usually like my handmade books to include some sort of story or message, because I see this as the roots of book production. I often explore history and complex ideas in my books. I seek to make each of my books a work of aesthetic beauty in its own right.
Australia is my home and I travel frequently. I have a Fine Arts degree from the Australian National University and post-graduate qualifications from the University of Canberra.
In 2007 I attended the international writers’ residential course at Exeter College, Oxford University. In 2009 I am visiting the University of Cambridge for a special week of lectures and activities organised by the university for ANU alumni. In 2010 I hope to spend a period of time in Beijing producing handmade artists’ books.

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