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Donna Ruff
Brooklyn, NY

It seems the more I hear about the demise of the book, the more I become attached to the tactility of books and paper. Iíve always been interested in words, particularly the different ways of representing the written word. My work explores how language can be construed or misconstrued- how our understanding is formed by our individual references, and how words morph into meaningless glyphs and empty signs in certain circumstances.

For instance, last summer I drove across country to New Mexico. In Missouri, there were road signs that had a single letter, like "J." It was confusing and mysterious to me- roads usually have names or numbers. There was beauty in the simplicity of the graphic and it stayed in my mind. By contrast, the work Iíve done with text has a jumbled, chaotic quality that mimics the barrage of words and image we are faced with each day. I use books or book pages so that the printed text acts as matrix for my intervention. The sources for the books vary- used bookstores, friends, dollar bins. They have outlasted their use as story and information conveyers- and are reborn as objects to be admired and scrutinized.

Donna Ruff's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts

Threads: Interweaving Textu[r]al Meaning
 Organized by: Lois Morrison, Artist and Independent Curator; and Alexander Campos, Executive Director of The Center for Book Arts.
The Fable
(2004) Laser prints, kozo paper, tea, thread, flax

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