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Stacy Isenbarger
Athens, GA

My work is driven by a desire to understand how specific environments cultivate conceptions of value. I am intrigued by cultural elements that differentiate the sacred from the secular and how materials dictate our preoccupations with both.

I am influenced by structures that mark spiritual experiences and the manner in which we attempt to calibrate ourselves with them. Detached from archetypal religious presentations, objects in my work are empowered by cultural associations to materials and iconography. By establishing dialectics through their placement, objects’ poetic intersections allow me to develop contextual space to discuss how we perceive the sacred from a more contemporary perspective.

If the viewer can arrive at some new sense of perspective from the interplay of my work, conflicts can be internally reconsidered. I do not presume that there is a universal answer to any question or issue I might pose. I just wish to share a consideration of them.

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