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Monica Velez
New York, NY

The focus of my work and research is the female body. Through the use of hard and soft materials I explore hard and soft bodies. The hygienic and artificial hard bodies serve as flesh, stirring the inner voyeur within us. The soft bodies invite the viewer to play and touch. When I was a child I had many dolls. My mother always warned me about opening the boxes they were in. She used to tell me that if I wanted to play with them, they would lose their beauty. I did not have any other choice but to obey her command. My room became an altar made of dolls, and I ended up becoming part of the collection. The dolls became my object of desire, untouchable but wanted. I speak in games of opposition where I uncover the duality found in my world: soft/hard, organic/inorganic, warm/cold, visual/tactile, inside/outside, open/close, and cover/veiled. I explore the border between the products that we want and the dreams we have; I also like to compel a viewer to question where their senses come from.

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