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Marilyn Stablein
Albuquerque, NM

My work aspires to transform and celebrate minutia, everyday objects, and ephemera. Altered books as well as discarded, recycled or reformatted cultural artifacts, found objects, shamanic tools, ritual objects, green, and ecological artifacts from nature are all found in my work.

An ongoing series of artist books, Notions and Accessories, explores an artistís whimsical narrative history of needlework, notions, womenís antique fashion and fabric accessories. By utilizing actual found antique objects I hope to honor and celebrate everyday womenís historical tools and handiwork. Current completed artist books in this series include works devoted to The Bias Tape, Needles, vintage Handkerchiefs, and vintage Nylon Stockings.

Another series, Himalayan Travelogues, focuses on the six years I lived and worked in the Himalayas. My Hindi Primer is a flag book made from reformatted images from a vintage grade school alphabet primer. Other themes in this series include vintage Tibetan woodblock printed prayer flags in my collection, my Tibetan calligraphy, as well as original drawings, notes, paintings and ephemera.

In addition to artist books, I work with assemblage, book sculpture, and collage. My visual collage journals span five decades. As a writer Iíve published eight books. A few small press editions of my work include artist illustrations.

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