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Agnes Murray
Bronx, NY

Color lithographs hand printed by the artist.
By Jaluluddin Rumi, translated by Zahra Partovi, images by Agnes Murray
Calligraphy by Jerry Kelly
Published by Vincent FitzGerald & Co.
6.5" x 9"


Slains Castle #1
ink wash drawing
Series of drawings, studies for larger work and inspiration for altered book project, "Dracula" (not shown).
4" x 6"


Consciousness of the relationship between surface and spatial illusion continues as a formal exploration in my work, sometimes enhanced by the use of diptychs or other split images. I work in series of images, some suggesting a narrative. Others include sequencing of two or more images in juxtaposition. I work primarily in two-dimensional media, using representational imagery. I was first attracted to printmaking by its relationship to direct hand-drawn images and to the intense and unique experience of the surface of ink on paper.

Early on I introduced photo-derived imagery into my work, using "found" family snapshots, which led me to a study of photographic form per se and its use in other media. An early project based on photos from a trip to Assisi, from which I produced large scale drawings and lithographs explored individual vernacular structures and the interconnectedness of public spaces, and the borderline between public and private, which has informed my work for many years. The recent hand-drawn ink wash drawings of Slains Castle relate to the images in Letters (1986), which also derive from Slains Castle. These and a continuing series of images of Peterhead, also in Scotland continue this exploration.

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