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Ann Stinner
Winnipeg, Manitoba

My interest in making books comes from a background in both English and Fine Arts and began when I started keeping visual/verbal journals as a student at universities in Vancouver and Toronto. Since then, I have taken advantage of book arts courses offered in Toronto and in Winnipeg where I now live.

Many of my works are inspired by travel and by certain locations - both local and distant - for which I feel a strong affinity. I am attracted to the layers of natural life or the vestiges of human activity which may be sensed in a particular place. In creating any book, I search for a structure, materials and media which will complement the meaning of the piece and communicate this idea of experiences layered over time

Recently, I have been exploring the possibilities of canvas as a bookmaking material. Unlike most artworks on canvas, the resulting pieces are meant to be handled so as to highlight their flexibility, durability and textural/sensual appeal. Sometimes these books reference the historical functions of canvas, such as its use for sails, floor coverings, tents and supports for painting.

I make both one-of-a-kind books and small editions. My work has been included in exhibitions both in Canada and abroad, and may be found in private and university collections.

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