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Sandra Bowden
Chatham, MA

Encaustic and gold leaf
5 1/4" x 11 3/4" x 1 1/2 "


Open Book
13" x 24" x 2"


A natural progression for one who was interested in the contribution language has made to humankind would be to eventually use the book itself as a format for expression

The dimensional book-boxes that were the first in this series built upon the painting techniques of the earlier illuminations. Sometimes the book cover became the surface upon which to paint and inscribe imaginary text. In other cases small paintings with line-work, script or images were placed as contents in the book.

My most recent works use actual books that have been screwed open and finished to display a variety of surfaces which include the familiar raised Hebrew and Greek texts, Braille, or graphic elements carefully incised onto the luminescent painted books. The back of each artist book contains calligraphic writing etched into the gilded surface of the covers.

The fascination of the book as the vehicle for my art and a container for the Word has only grown over the years, and points my compass to the future.

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