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Carole P Kunstadt
New York, NY

Sacred Poem XXXI
Collage, stiching, pages from 1844 Parish Psalmody
7.5" x 7.25" x 1.25"


Sacred Poem XLV
Collage, goldleaf, pages from 1844 Parish Psalmody
7.5" x 4" x 1.25"


The primary element used in this series is paper: the pages are taken from a Parish Psalmody dated 1844.Through various processes these pages of psalms are manipulated and recombined, resulting in a presentation that evokes an ecumenical offering or poems of praise. As textual poems they are a means to explore greater meaning or profundity.
Coupled together with the dimminutive scale of the printed text, the most prevalent visual elements of the piece - the strong discoloration and sensitive fragility of the paper from extended usage - playful lead the viewer/eye to explore the simple yet intricate qualities of the paper. Viewed in this intimate manner, the sacred content of the work rises to the fore.
In a number of the pieces of this series, the use of stitching emphasizes the repetition of the lines of text. The lines of stitching are suggestive of the passage of time, alluding to the age and the history of these pages. The continuing repetitive action of sewing is similar to reciting, singing, and reading: implying that through the repetition of a task or ritual one has the possibility to transcend the mundane. The careful use of translucent tissue or natural found objects also heightens the contrast of the tangible with the ephemeral.

Carole P Kunstadt's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts

I will cut thrU: Pochoirs, Carvings, and Other Cuttings
 Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director and Amber McMillan, Artist and Instructor
Sacred Poem XXXVII
(2007) Altered pages from Parish Psalmody

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