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Dennis Yuen
Woodside, NY

????? Hokusai No Yurei (Hokusai's Ghost)
Cotton cords, bookcloth, Davey bookboard, Canson paper, linen threads, PVA 1-needle coptic binding
11"w x 45"d x 5.5"h


Rapunzel #2
Cotton cords, bookcloth, Davey bookboard, cotton paper, linen threads, linen tape, PVA Single-sheet binding
16"w x 27"d x 6.75"h


I have been making books since I was a kid, and made multi-media book projects as a teenager as a way to express my longings and intense emotions of those years. I started to express emotions and feelings with the physicality of books, through their forms, bindings, paper and colors. There is a harmony in my works between perfection and imperfection. Imperfection creates individuality, and it also sparks new possibilities and perspectives in the piece.

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