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Jim Holyoak
Montreal, QC

Monsters for Real: Eleven Love Letters

Monsters for Real: Eleven Love Letters, is a graphic novel in zine form. Each of the eleven zines is a chapter, 260 pages in total. It is an autobiography about growing up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, in which I described as vividly as I could the most haunting sexual and spiritual rites of passage that I can remember. These stories are coupled with black and white imagery from a huge variety of sources found, digitized, hand drawn, often times taken from the archives of my childhood treasure boxes. Without losing my sense of humor, I've here attempted to confront sexism and fundamentalism with honest description of my own adolescence. The Guy

The Guy is a handmade book, cut throughout with stencils that make up visual poetry about the trials of an anonymous ‘guy.’ The predicaments proceed as follows: the guy, the guy was high, the guy was blue, she was sick and tired of that guy, this guy’s day was so crappy even heaven couldn’t make him happy, this guy had a huge soul but it had a hole, this guy used to be shy, a guy without a history, the guy in the corner looked over his shoulder, this guy had the deepest sigh, and finally, there are many other guys with a host of physical and psychological ailments.

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