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Irmari Nacht
Englewood, NJ

Irmari Nachtís recycled books, a series entitled "SAVED", uses books that otherwise might be discarded and transforms them into artworks. The books are cut, sometimes into slivers which curl and undulate, and return to the tree-like shape from which the paper was made.

Only recycled books are used - those well-read or left over from book sales - but are still in good condition. Some of the books are painted or wetted and all are cut into slivers or strips, while maintaining the basic integrity of the book.

The words of the book are extended beyond the surface of the covers by means of the outreaching slivers; the ideas and concepts of the book move out to the viewer, perhaps generating new ideas.

Nacht said, "All of my previous work (collage, sculpture) has dealt with the multiplicity of images and repetitive patterns - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In these books I never quite know, until they are finished, what will happen as I add multiple elements (the slivers). I am fascinated by the power of simple images repeated."

Nacht has made artist books throughout the years, but in 2007 she began working steadily on the "Saved" series, which she is continuing into 2008.

These bookworks are in several collections and have been recently been shown at the Belskie Museum, NJ, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, MA and will be featured at the Leonard Hansen Gallery, Englewood Library, NJ in Nov 08 and the Atrium Gallery, Bard College at Simon's Rock, MA in the fall of 2009.

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