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Kristin Anderson & Danny Licul
New York, New York

Kristin Anderson and Danny Licul have been collaborating since 2005.

For "I do not belong because," Anderson conceived of an interactive book to reveal how the feeling of belonging is a strong, and reliable, indicator of one's self-identity. Licul created 20 drawings specifically for the project. They did not see (i.e. be influenced by) each other's work during the process. Each then selected his or her own final 20 pages and arranged these in the order they preferred. Only then did they put the stacks together to reveal the final content and order of the book. Licul took the lead in the engineering and production of the hand-made edition.

"My First Photo" is one of a series of triptychs. Licul asked Anderson to select one of her photographs, and provide him with a written description of it. He paints only from the text. The three pieces are displayed together.

"I do not belong with them because." was the inspiration for and centerpiece of their two-person exhibition "Ordinary People" at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery (Chicago) in 2006. The initial two triptychs were also in this exhibition. These projects were made possible, in part, by a chashama AREA Studio Space Grant.

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