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Leslie Nobler Farber
Demarest, New Jersey

Recently, I focus on the mark of nature, hand or the machine, especially the effects of time, its rhythms and repetition. The use of continuing patterns and a loose narrative is a visual demonstration of eternally ongoing repetitive cycles - an aesthetic ideal that aids in transcending real-time through spirituality or meditation. As natural "reality" and virtual/electronic "un-reality" contrast in these collages, one becomes involved with process and surface. This mirrors my experience of creating - using found objects, photography, mechanical and digital printing, texturing, and embellishing. "Tradigital" creations juxtapose with ritualized rhythms until their mathematical cadences collide in these bookworks. Influences of Pop and Op artists, along with feminism, are visible. Serial art forms are my vehicles for grappling with technology versus the spiritual soul, nature, mass-production, and patterns of time.

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