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Liz Mitchell
Pittstown, NJ

Naturalist's Journal
Paper, wax, found objects
7.25" x 14" x 0.375" (closed)


History Repeats History
Found books, wood panel, wax, collage
Ten Panels, - 22" x 29" x 8" (each)

10' x 79.5" x 8" (installed)


Driven by the vitality of an active imagination, I explore a wide range of materials and processes. I am inspired by a curiosity of the art/science/psychology relationship. In my artwork I explore how information is organized and why humans tend to collect things. I look at how and why we dream, and what the content of our dreams does to our creative sensibility.

My process is stimulated by any one of a number of ideas, structures, materials or content for any given project. I follow a creative interest by writing, gathering materials and drawings. I am working consciously, using intuition as a guide.

My projects require research through an interview or a search of information. While I am gathering information my ideas gestate and stew. There is always information that stands out as my guide. I follow my instincts and pursue this idea.

My attempt is to transcend recognizable materials into time worn, organic surfaces through processes such as cutting, tearing, painting, printing, waxing and layering as it relates to content. Metaphorically these processes represent the changes that occur through the passage of time and thought. At this point the work switches from a conscious exercise of gathering to the smooth flow of energy that is heading in the right direction.

I have chosen the book format because of my personal connection to books. I base my work on human scale. Through my materials and process I work as both the creator and chronicler. Through collage and bookwork, I weave together my personal visual narratives.

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