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Chantal Zakari
Watertown, MA

Chantal Zakari is a Turkish artist and a graphic designer. She has been designing hyper narratives for the Web practically since its inception in the early 90s. "I.D." was published on the Web in 1994. She collaborated on a web journal "The Turk and The Jew" with her husband Mike Mandel, a piece in which they used the web as a means to communicate daily and further explore their cultural differences. In 1998 they published the work as an artistsí book. In 2001 under the pseudonym "Show-n-tell" she began a 4 year long performance in a webcam community where people meet to have virtual sex. She authored and designed her book "webAffairs", in 2005. The book is a photo/text narrative of her experiences in virtual space. It comments on our relationship to technology and the willing objectification of the body using personal surveillance tools. She is an associate member of the Goat Island performance group. She has collaborated with the group since 1995 to interpret their work into print material including two instructional books "School Book 1" and "School Book 2". Zakari is a full time faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where she chairs the Text and Image Arts area. She is the author of two artistsí books and has had solo shows in the U.S. and in Turkey.

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