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Rosaire Appel
New York, NY

Yesterday's Dog
digital print & cardboard cover
4.5 x 100"


digital print
8.5" x 55"


As a digital artist/ photographer/ writer I've consistently gravitated toward the book form- as container, receptacle - and for the way the book form distributes content over time, rather than in one fell swoop. The time element -duration - which allows content to grow and cross pollinate is particularly useful to my way of working - a gradual expansion of a theme, variations and branches. I've also been drawn to the book form for the practicalities of portability. And for the intimate nature of a handheld object, the singularity of reading, individual rather than public viewing. As for content, I tread the flexible boundary of suggestion between familiar and abstraction.

Rosaire Appel's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts
Fun & Games (and Such)
 Organized by Alexander Campos, CBAs Executive Director and Julie Chen, Artist
Your Guess is as Good as Mine
(2008) Digital print, (1/10)

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