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Jean Edelstein
Venice, CA

Having traveled extensively throughout Asia during my lifetime, I became increasingly aware of a unique artistic medium - Chinese accordion books - that few Western artists had incorporated into their repertoire. I felt drawn to these books because they afforded a quality of cohesive unity to the many singular planes upon which I can record my surroundings. Presenting a fluid continuation of such painted sequences helps express the ephemeral yet ever-present intimate communication one has with space. Each book captures the particular essence of each destination as I experienced it, which inherently involves the 'architecture' of both the natural and man- made world. This is a particularly challenging task, for each region of each country - from Bali to Japan to the Chinese provinces - presents a different story and thus, a different artistic experiment.

My background in performance art has also profoundly influenced my book art of late; chamber orchestra concerts and international dance companies create another kind of visual performance on the page. Incorporating my fellow artists in my work is a token of interdisciplinary camaraderie that presents its own challenges, as it expands my figurative breadth out of the strictly natural and into the cultural - a metaphysical feat unto its own.

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