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Linda Hanauer
New York, NY

"Exposed Spine Bindings"
handmade paper, encaustic, linen thread, metallic thread
4 1/2" X 6" X 1" and 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" X 1"


Cabinet of Curiosities I
Natural Forms, decorative papers, book board Each page of the book reveals a selected section of a natural form to reveal growth and branching patterns in nature
9" X 5.5" X 1.25"


I create collages and handmade books with subtle irregularities. Modest objects that celebrate the character inherent in humble, worn and tattered things interest me. I find beauty in the peeling layers and rhythmic pattern of stitching on exposed book spines, as well as in growth patterns in nature. The book structure often finds its way into my collages and the image of an open book appears throughout my work. "Botanical", a collage of an opened book with a worn and exposed spine, features fragments of sea fans with intriguing branching patterns. Inspired by Victorian collections of fascinating objects, "Cabinet of Curiosities I, II, and III" isolate sections of natural structures to reveal their growth patterns. In more recent work, I embedded plants in translucent abaca and flax pulps, experimenting with handmade paper and light to reveal the elegance of natural forms. Using these papers, I constructed accordion books so that light permeates the image to reveal its details. I have been unsatisfied with traditional framing behind glass as it removes the viewer from the beauty of the tactile surfaces. The solution was to incorporate the imbedded botanical elements into spare compositions that form an accordion.

Linda Hanauer's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts
Center for Book Arts: The First Decade
 an exhibition at The New York Public Library
Book of Rubbings
(1982) Graphite rubbings; casebound

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