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Ana Garces Kiley
Brooklyn, NY

My work is an unveiling. I seek to create a visual language about the mysterious archetypes that inundate and drive our society; the archetypes of our desires, our origins, consciousness, death and the interconnections that link us as beings. Most importantly, I search for ways to disrupt easy assumptions and encourage an unveiling of self-reflection about these archetypes - ideas and icons so vital that they shadow every step of our individual and social lives and yet very rarely receive critical interrogation. I originally painted primarily on traditional surfaces such as canvas and wood panel. After entering graduate school I soon felt stunted by these opaque surfaces, and began working on voile, transparent polyester fabric. The ephemeral and diaphanous qualities of sheer material paralleled my questioning of archetypes that defy simple definitions, as well as the process of intuitive inquiry that I was seeking to cull from within the perception of the viewer.

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