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Samantha Boudrot
Montvale, New Jersey

As an artist, I believe I am forever in search of a container, a vessel. I am in search of containers and vessels to catch what is the poet, the painter, the mathematician, the sculptress, the woman, the entomologist, the child, the human in me. My books have become my most recent and appropriate form. They are strong sculptural containers, binding together my thoughts, visions and curiosities. Just as books must literally be read, art must be read, life must be read. Through my books, I ask my viewers to open their minds to the unbounded possibilities of what may be considered a readable page. What is a page? What is not? Can a book have 20 clear boxes reading as pages? What is a book? It is this query of readability that I am playing with to help loosen the binds, for my own sake, of making art in book form. My materials include board, cloth, leather, paper fishing wire, string, organic matter, plastic, print and cotton, etc.

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