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Laura Blacklow
Cambridge, MA

With the relative accessibility of digital production and manipulation, questions about realism, as well as the issues of multiples or editions, compel both printmaking and photography to reexamine their traditional divisions as dissimilar methodologies. Historically, both techniques were used, not as art forms, but as ways of disseminating information and commercial depictions to viewers who could not see them firsthand. Although we still tend to unconsciously believe that a photograph is an accurate representation, not an abstracted illusion, what happens when the camera and lens, the optical devices that provide such seeming precision, are removed from the process? or when scanners are used to create prints? My artwork addresses convergent theories of printmaking, photography and digital media. I aim for my prints to look painterly, to recount without staging "facts", or to create an imaginative narrative. I use contemporary and historical methods of the wet darkroom, light-sensitive emulsions, and computers.

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