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Janet Davidson-Hues
Lawrence, KS

The book in many forms has served as an anchor for my work of the past fifteen years. I continue to examine the book as a repository of culture, memory, and narrative, containing metaphorical weight and meaning, and standing for devotion to education and a certain authority, which I at once embrace and challenge. On one hand, the book and language speak of male dominance, and on the other hand, the book serves as a metaphor for woman, something to be read, to be bought and sold, to be held, to be taken to bed. The intrinsic contradiction in the book as a symbol is at the heart of my words which are structured as scripts of behavior and confront irreverence, anonymity, contradiction, and misinterpretation. Articulated in a singular voice seeking to express the realities of existence as I see them, my work defines the female experience as a fusion between outward awareness and internal perception.

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